I’m so happy that we’re having a bit of unseasonably warm weather, it really lifts my spirits. Despite drinking a bottle of champers last night, I still managed to get up early today. Our new house (which we can’t move into until January because it is tenanted) is a few minute walk from the beach, so we went for a walk there to get a feel for what it will be like to live there.  I have to admit I’m very excited, we want to get a puppy and I can’t wait to take him for regular walks on the beach. We might even get a kayak too!

After that we came home and had a session on our new Wii. I’ve never been a fan of video games but I actually really enjoy the Wii, I’m blown away at the burn I’m feeling in my thighs from playing virtual 10 pin bowling!!

Following up my last post, I did get around to altering my dress, it’s not perfect but a semi-professional job and I’m pleased with it. Once I get a camera I’ll post a photo. I wish I had taken a “before” photo but pretty much it was a long sleeve dress with a high collar, I’ve lowered the neckline and removed the sleeves. I’m so pleased by the results that I bought 2 nightgowns at Vinnies yesterday that I’m going to try and alter, one as a top and another as a dress.


I work in a retail shop, so I have to work some Saturdays, but the upside is I get a day off in lieu so I haeve random days off here and there – like this Monday! I love long weekends, but I’m a bit short on funds (especially because I just ordered a new Dell netbook and spent a bit much on overpriced cocktails last night!)

So, this means I’m housebound for the 3 days which I really don’t mind. So far, I’ve slept in and then made a yummy mexican beef soup. I also have a pile of sewing/alterations that I keep putting off, another pile of inspirational photos from magazines I’ve been meaning to put into a scrapbook, another pile of half read books and a pile of laundry that needs to be done! I have a vintage dress I bought in New Zealand over 4 years ago that I will hopefully finally get around to altering!

I’ve added a Social Vibe widget in my sidebar, all you have to do is watch a little comercial and you’ll help raise money for Camfed,

Camfed is an international organisation dedicated to eradicating poverty in Africa through the education of girls and the empowerment of young women.

Yes, the commercial is boring, but it only takes a minute or so!

I started blogging about 5 years ago, when I left the States to go to London for a working holiday. I blogged for 4 years on a old blog – it was a combination travel blog / general ranting!  These days I’m a bit more settled so a travel blog no longer seemed appropriate, so I decided to start this blog, more as a lifestyle blog – travel, food, fashion, whatever!

I suppose that so far I’ve been fairly boring and I’ve fallen into old habits and use this blog mostly for random musings about my life. I havne’t posted much because of technical problems (ie: dead laptop) and a lack of inspiration over the winter months, but I’m hoping to pick up the old habit (and maybe a new laptop).

Lately I’ve been obsessed with fashion blogs. I don’t think I’m quite inspirational enough to have a fashion blog but maybe once I have a working camera I’ll get around to posting some photos. (I’ve noticing that blogs without photos can be … boring!) I’ll also endeavour to post a few things from my years of travelling, maybe I’ll put a bit more effort into making this blog interesting!

I love that I’m feeling really content at the moment, things just seem to be working out for me. We’ve bought a house, we’re both working, we have 2 holidays planned, I’ve been eating healthy, and in the span of 2 weeks I’ve found an amazing handbag, comfy yet gorgeous black boots and the best fitting jeans ever!

I’m not sure what is going on, but the past few weeks I have actually been craving healthy food! Tonight I went to the grocery store and realised the thought of meat and/or cheese actually repulsed me, I ended up going home with brown rice and veggie burgers!

I’ll be back in the States for Thanksgiving.  Is it really wrong that, after visiting the family, the thing I’m most excited about is going to Buffalo Exchange and Zara? Wait – and the turkey … and real cranberry sauce … and cheap cocktails?

Edited to add: Vera Wang is designing for Kohls?!?! These sort of things just don’t happen in Australia. And am I allowed to admit that I’m actually looking forward to shopping at Forever 21 and H&M…?

I’ve made it through 2 weeks at my new job and I’m feeling quite happy at the moment. This weekend is the warmest it has been in ages (although it’s still raining) but I’ve been feeling energized lately – I even found the energy to get up at 7:30am on a Sunday morning to do some volunteering! This isn’t something I normally do but I’m actually feeling quite good about myself so I may be doing it more often. It is funny, but I’ve noticed that sometimes the more I do, the more energy I have.

I’ve finished up sewing class, my dress fits pretty well, although I’ll make an adjustment to the pattern before I make my next dress. I’ll try and post a photo soon (my camera(s) are not working that well at the moment!) I actually would really like a new camera and laptop (mine died! I need to find out how much it will cost to try and rescue my photos and music!) But … I just booked at ticket back to the States for Thanksgiving! I’m very excited but I going to have to be a bit stingy for a while!

So yes, I haven’t posted in ages, and this is mostly because I went through a bit of a negative, uninspired period. Since my last post I’ve changed jobs and settled on my house (althought I won’t be moving in anytime soon because it is leased until January … unfortunatley!) Plus is has been so, so cold … for some reason it is often colder in my house than outside! As a result all I really want to do after work is curl up in bed.

Regarding the job thing, my old job wasn’t bad but I just lost all interest. It was a combination of the job being boring and me having a short attention span. I seem to have a hard time enjoying a job past 6 months … I suppose this is a generation Y thing. I hope I’m not kicking myself later because it was a good job – I was paid well (and offered a raise to when I put in my resignation) and my boss was interstate so I could do what I wanted wtih my time (ie: if I wanted to spend the whole day shopping I could get away with it!) But … I was bored and I got to the point where I dreaded everyday, and maybe I’m spoiled, but I’ve promised myself not to live like that.

I’ve always had the opportunity to go back to my old job as a travel agent, so I’ve gone back for a while. I hated the job when I last left but at least this time I know what I’m getting into and I know not to overextend myself. Having said that, I’ve only guaranteed I’ll stay 6 months.

I’m nearly finished my sewing class, this week is my last week and I’ll finish my dress. I’m a bit worried it will be too small, but at least I’ve learned some valuable skills.  Actually, I have really, really enjoyed my class. So much so that I am seriously thinking about throwing caution to the wind and going back to school and doing a fashion technology course. I have no idea if I’d ever find work in this industry (especially not where I live) but I truly believe if you do what you love, everything will work out. My motto is always what is the worse that can happen??? I can tell you that I’ve had some of the wose things imaginable happen and I’m still okay … so I suppose I’m a bit more fearless than I use to be.

What else? This week I’ve rediscovered the joy of a good manicure, I’ve been cooking and I cannot stop raving about Bio Oil – I use it everywhere and it has done wonders for my skin. I’ve started selling my unwanted clothes (and there are many) on ebay, I’m quite proud because I’ve been meaning to do this for ages!!!

So that’s me for now! I’m feeling a bit renewed lately.

Yuk, I’ve had a nasty bit of cold/sickness that won’t go away and keeps me up at night. I missed two days of work and I’ve pretty much accomplished nothing during the last week. I did manage to get out of bed for a bit yesterday to do some thrift shopping and then overindulged in gourmet pizza and a cheese platter.